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Learning Spanish: useful resources

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Language learning has grown over the years. If you are learning Spanish and are interested in improving it, maybe this post interests you.

To improve a language, you need to work it from different perspectives. Nowadays, we are lucky to find many free resources available worldwide.

We will begin with DonQuijote, a webpage that contains many resources, all of them about Spanish learning and its reinforcement. Out of all the resources found, we highlight:

Spanish Verbs Conjugator: a useful way to review the verbs. It definitely is a tool that can help us a lot in our learning process.

Spanish Vocabulary: if your problem is that you haven’t acquired enough vocabulary yet, you will find here many and varied words grouped by topic.

Spanish Jokes: if you prefer humor, this is your resource. You will see how much fun is to learn Spanish through jokes. Every week you will find an outstanding joke on the cover.

The listening is a very important part of the language learning process. A good way to improve it is by listening to audio podcasts. In Spanish Obsessed, you’ll find many audio podcasts ordered by levels (beginner, intermediate and advance). If you find more entertaining listening to the radio, you can practice from Radio Ambulante a podcast that features Latin American stories from all Spanish-speaking countries, including the United States.

What about music? Don’t you think that music is a nice resource for practicing a language? In Audiria you can discover different songs about Spanish and Latin cultures.

If you rather know about the Spanish culture, you can use the country’s television channels available online. You can try Atresmedia where you can find both television and radio, cinema and advertising, or Mitele  where you have access to series, programs and movies.

Conversing with native speakers is always the best way to practice. They are the ones who are going to help us to improve and correct our Spanish mistakes. Resources such as Verbling allow, in a click, the access to a people community who want to learn languages. Don’t hesitate and try, you’ll like it.

If what you need is a system to move around without any problem, there exist different apps to which you have access through the smartphones‘ operating system:

Learn Spanish with busuu: This app lets you review grammar and vocabulary, as well as connect with locals in order to ask questions. It makes available more than 150 topics and 300 different words.

Learn Spanish with Jamtok!: This app uses music and games to learn Spanish. You can learn about 1,000 words and phrases from over 30 different songs.

Travel Voice Translator Linguatec: It’s the first worldwide interpreter with Bluetooth chat. This app lets you speak and understand any language in a matter of seconds to make yourself understood when you need it.

These are just some suggestions of the thousand resources we can find to learn Spanish. If you know any other one which doesn’t appear here, don’t hesitate to share, your wisdom can helpothers.

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  1. Monica Cardenas Fisher dice:

    Muchas gracias por tan buena información ya que ahora muchos alumnos les gusta la música en Español para mejorar su vocabulario y mejorar su comunicación, al igual que me ayuda mucho para mis estudios
    de la maestría.

  2. Rosana Mondino dice:

    Buenas tardes,

    Muchas gracias, es muy interesante.


    • Elísabet Rodríguez Moreno dice:

      Hola Rosana,

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario, te animamos a que sgas leyendo algunos de nuestros artículos.

      Un saludo

  3. ChiChi dice:

    Thank you for the suggestions!
    I’m currently learning Spanish and Hebrew via Preply.  I improved my french last year via this platform and so far it’s been a good experience. Tutors are professional and there’s 24/7 live chat to assist you


    ¡Interesantes aplicaciones para aprender Español! Para elegir la más conveniente, o simplemente para elegir varias de ellas.

    • Lourdes Acosta Urbano dice:

      Buenos días Susana,
      Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Nos alegra saber que encuentras utilidad en nuestros posts.

      Un saludo.

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